TCTV Debate: Can SOPA Be Fixed Or Should It Stay Dead?

The controversial Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) has been <a href="">pulled</a> and its Sena

Senator Harry Reid Caves: PIPA Postponed

After a day of widespread online protests against a pair of bills in Congress, both bills have now been tabled. Hearings on the Stop Online Privacy Act (SOPA) had already been cancelled, but the Senat

SOPA Protests Sway Congress: 31 Opponents Yesterday, 122 Now

Yesterday the Internet the internet cried out in protest of SOPA-PIPA, and congress heard us loud and clear. At the beginning of Janaury 18th, there were 80 members of congress who supported the legis

Mozilla’s Anti-SOPA Message Reached 40 Million People

By blacking out the default Firefox start page and using social media, Mozilla reached 40 million people with its anti-SOPA/PIPA message. According to a <a href="

SOPA Scorecard: Internet 1, Lobbyists 0

You've got to feel sorry for the SOPA guys. They did all the right things. They got legislation introduced that would protect their industry from inconvenient threats -- like that pesky Internet. T

TCTV: Hundreds Rally In The Streets Of NYC To Defend The Internet

Yesterday, as some of the biggest sites on the web 'blacked out' in bold protests of the deeply flawed anti-piracy bills SOPA and PIPA, hundreds of protesters took to the streets in several cities acr

TCTV: Live At SF vs SOPA, The Biggest Tech Protest In Decades

When you hear the words "San Francisco," there's a good chance that the word "protest" will also come to mind. Or, if you're on a different wavelength, "Ron Conway." But today, the city's favorite

Google Collected 4.5 Million Anti-SOPA Signatures Today

Google generally gets in hot water when it is thought to be abusing its pole position in the search industry. But it's no use denying that while some moves skirt the edges of abusing monopoly, others

There Were More Than 2.4M Tweets About SOPA Today

Today was the internet's big protest day against SOPA and PIPA, and not surprisingly, there was plenty of discussion about the issue on Twitter. Specifically, the company tweeted that that there were

Is This Activism?

Hundreds of websites (TechCrunch included) have gone dark or visibly changed their appearance as a protest against the <a href="">Stop Online Privacy Act</a> an’s Anti-SOPA Message Is Subtle, But Wonderfully Symbolic

Regardless of where you stand on the SOPA battle, you've got to agree: seeing what seems to be the entire Internet come together to stand against something is <em>incredible</em>. <a href="https://pre

Mark Zuckerberg Posts Against SOPA, Suddenly Remembers Twitter Account

Facebook may not be opposing the Stop Online Piracy Act and the Protect IP Act as prominently as some other websites — it's not blacking out the site today, or even posting an anti-SOPA/PIPA message

Flickr Joins SOPA Protest, Lets Users Black Out Photos

This morning, online photo sharing site Flickr joined the growing number of web companies protesting the <a href="">SOPA and PIPA legislation</a>, which now in

In Face Of Protests, Congressmen Begin To Abandon SOPA Ship

The online uproar against the proposed Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) in Congress is already causing some in Washington to abandon the SOPA ship. A couple of co-sponsors of the bill are pulling their s

Essay Due? Here’s How To Access Wikipedia During The SOPA Blackout

As you can tell from the homepage, it's a sad, trying day for the internet. Many of our favorite sites like <a href="">Reddit</a> and <a href="">Wikiped

The Day The LOLcats Died, A Song Against SOPA

Today people take to the streets and black out the web to protest unfair piracy legislation. To the tune of Don McLean's 'American Pie' they'll be singing: <em> "Why, why are laws a thing you can bu

MPAA CEO Chris Dodd: Blackouts Turn Users Into “Corporate Pawns”

President and CEO of the Motion Pictures Association of America Chris Dodd has issued a strongly-worded statement regarding tomorrow's planned outages and protests relating to the <a href="https://pre

Reddit’s Alexis Ohanian On SOPA: “The Fight Isn’t Over”

Supporters of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) may be <a href="">on the run</a> in the face of growing online protests, but SOPA a

Yes, Google Will Protest SOPA on its Homepage

Tomorrow, Google's US homepage will include a link declaring its opposition to the Stop Online Privacy Act and the Protect IP Act. The news was reported on CNET and confirmed by Google in a statement

Wikipedia Will Go Dark On January 18 To Protest SOPA And PIPA

Wikipedia's Jimmy Wales wanted to send a "big message" to the U.S. government regarding the two heinous internet censorship bills currently being considered, and after a brief period of debate the wor
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