URB-E’s newest foldable electric scooter cuts the price to $899

URB-E is a foldable electric scooter that first launched in prototype-form back at CES in January 2014.

Last year we checked out a version that could carry an adult up to 20 miles at a speed of 15 MPH. While we liked the vehicle, we though the $1,499 price point was a bit too prohibitive for it to truly become mainstream.

So now the company is back with a much more affordable version, that is arguably better than the original.

It’s called the URB-E Sport, and has the same foldable form factor as its older siblings. It has a max range of 16 miles, and a top speed of 14 MPH. And it’s only $899. Considering a Boosted Board will run you somewhere between $999 and $1,599, the new URB-E is actually a pretty great deal if you’re in the market for an urban mobility device.

Part of this cost savings will come from a smaller battery – URB-E explained that many customers weren’t using the full 20 miles of range the Pro’s battery provided. But in return for the reduced capacity, URB-E made the battery removable and added 4 traditional USB and a USB Type-C port – meaning you can charge your phone (or laptop) while you ride. And since it’s removable you can actually use the battery as an external charging pack – at full charge it will charge an iPhone 40 times.

Check out the video above to see the URB-E Sport in action.