Chevrolet delivers its first Bolt EVs to customers

Chevrolet has delivered its first three Bolt EVs to customers, making its success in delivering a long-range all-electric car available at a decent price official. The company’s first three customers are based in California, and all took delivery in the Bay area.

Chevrolet had said that it would be delivering the Bolt by the end of 2016, and it made good on that promise by putting these first cars in the hands of customers now in December. The car’s sticker price is $37,495, which lets it just squeak under the $30,000 barrier (when considering green tax credits) that it and other EV makers like Tesla are trying to hit in order to break the affordable cost barrier for the average consumer.

The Bolt also offers 238 miles of EPA-estimated range, which is more than the 215 miles claimed by Tesla for the upcoming Model 3, with which it will compete directly.