Fly Or Die: Vapium Summit Weekender Edition

With Labor Day around the corner, and Labor Day weekend already underway, it makes sense for us to have a celebratory look at the Vapium Summit Weekender Edition.

The botanical vaporizer, at $189, is different from others in that it comes with its own solar panel, so you can charge it on the go without any access to a power outlet. So if you’re getting back to nature (and enjoying the green, if you will) you can pack up the Summit Weekender Edition and get as much use out of it as the sun will allow.

That said, the Summit Weekender Edition is a bit chunky compared to sleeker devices like the Pax 3, but with the rugged exterior it is certainly a viable option for… well, a weekend away.

One fly and one die.

You can check out the product page here.