TC Droidcast Episode 36: Samsung Shaking Things Up With Galaxy S6?

This week, we dive headlong into speculation about the Samsung Galaxy S6, which is set to make its debut on March 1 in Barcelona at a special event ahead of Mobile World Congress. Can Samsung reclaim its cool? If so, can it do that via drastic hardware changes? Making TouchWiz optional? Making a long bet on its own Tizen platform? We answer all of these questions, and more.

Along with Samsung, we also discuss the glacial rate of adoption for Android 5.0 Lollipop, which has managed to get only just under 2 percent of the overall OS share for active Android devices this month. We also take a look at how Ouya has progressed from the scrappy hardware startup it once was, in light of the news that it has received a strategic investment from Alibaba that will help it gain positioning on Android-powered TVs as a built-in gaming layer.

Expect a lot more in the way of rumors and leaks as we approach MWC, which is quickly becoming the main event of the year when it comes to Android device launches.

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