iGrow Hair-Growth Helmet Looks Cool, Feels Totally Not Real

Bald and/or balding folks, listen up! A new company called Apira Science is ready to use low-light therapy to make your hair grow, or soon, make your face more beautiful.

Sounds unreal?

I felt the same way, and then I checked out the iGrow and the iDerma.

The company says that the technology is approved by the FDA and has undergone extensive testing to verify its validity. All that said, the idea of using phototherapy to improve hair growth and skin clarity and health is relatively new.

The products have built in headphones to connect to your iPod, which is smart considering users are to wear both the iGrow and the iDerma for at least 25 minutes, four times each week.

The iDerma is still in the development phase, but will go for somewhere between $300 and $400 dollars, while the iGrow costs upwards of $600.

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