PSY Taps JamCam To Crowdsource “Hangover” Music Video

JamCam is a fun little Vine-style app that lets you create short mobile videos that are automatically paired up with the music you’re listening to. The company has been quiet for a while, but has recently launched a contest where users can contribute a bit of video to PSY’s newest song, “Hangover.”

Of course, Hangover is no Gangnam Style, but the chance to submit video to an official music video is still fun.

Usually, JamCam works with songs you already own on your device, but in the case of Hangover, JamCam has offered the song up to all users who want to submit a clip.

Once contestants have submitted a clip, the JamCam website will show those clips in different verticals, including Newly Added and Highest Ranked. Video clips that are shared the most will appear in the official music video.

The contest ends early next week, so interested parties should hop on this now.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen interactive, crowd-sourced music videos. In fact, a few designers created VineTune last year that automatically pairs Vine #hashtags with lyrics to create an always-changing interactive music video.

The convergence of technology and the art of music videos is also clear in the work that OK Go is doing.

As the music industry changes rapidly, it’s becoming more and more important for artists to find ways to connect and engage with their fans and leverage technology to do so. This JamCam/PSY contest is yet another example.