Open Stack, Open Compute And How Opening Up Is The Only Way To Reach The Data Heavens

“Open” this, “open” that: It seems like everything is “open” these days. Well hello, people, Bill Gates’ gravy boat has run aground. It’s time to get out the Starship and fly in those open clouds.

Hokey? You bet your SaaS this is hokey. But come on, take a look at what happened last week at the Open Compute Summit. The gods have said: “We are really going to mess with your shit now. You’re going to open that hardware up. Otherwise, you will never see the data heavens. Get some soul in those machines. It’s time.”

So who better to talk to than OpenStack Executive Director Jonathan Bryce? OpenStack is the open cloud OS. It’s the software counterpart to the Open Compute Project and its world of open hardware.

Bryce took some time at the Open Compute Summit to lay it all out: OpenStack, Open Compute and how the two relate. The cloud is opening up. Listen to Bryce explain it in the video above. You’ll see that those data rockets won’t be built by a few, proprietary wunderkinds. It’s different now. Borgs working at the mother ship won’t take us to the data heavens — communities will.