Datahug Secures €2.5M To Scale Its Deep Contact Finding Service To The US

Datahug, a ‘business networking automation’ startup, which we covered in depth here has secured a €2.5 million Series A financing from European VC, DFJ Esprit.

The investment means Datahug will now expand in the US and internationally. Current customers include Grant Thornton, Plantronics, BDO and CPL. DFJ Esprit is also a user of the software, as is Balderton Capital.

Datahug estimates that it finds around 400 contacts per person that aren’t captured in any CRM system or database. The solution works by indexing existing communication logs – such as emails, contacts and calendar data – to create an enterprise-wide picture of who knows who. Datahug then attributes a ‘HugRank’ score to show how well they know them. It requires no data entry to capture the relationships and connections that exist, making it easy-to-use and placing no demands on staff time or resources.