Reminder: We Need Sponsors For The Northern Meet-Ups

As you may well know, we’re going to visit Toronto, Detroit, and Chicago in November and we’d like to invite you all out for a beer. We’re at the point in the game that we’ve found a venue, gotten nearly 3,000 RSVPs, and are girding our livers and minds for your pitches. So here’s what’s up:

We need sponsors for these events. We need someone to pay for booze, some light appetizers, and stun guns for Matt when he tries to do his Frank the Tank impression. In exchange for sponsorship we offer logos and descriptions on our meet-up posts and our undying gratitude and love. Interested or need more than that? Talk to Leslie, our amazing sponsorship coordinator. We have always depended on the kindness of strangers so we need you guys to help us out.

The goal of these meetups is to meet amazing people from places we rarely write about. For you this is a hiring event, a networking event, and a chance to get the word out about your town. In short, let’s do this thing.