Spotify App Will Land On Samsung Smart TVs Later This Year

Samsung has signed a deal with Spotify to bring the streaming music service to Samsung’s Smart TV range, Blu-ray players and home theatre systems later this year. It appears to be the first TV manufacturer to do so. This is a significant distribution deal for Spotify and will help to tip it over into mainstream consumer application territory.

It’ll mean instant on-demand access to a library of over 18 million tracks for TV purchasers, so long as they are Spotify Premium users.

New users will be able to test the service for an (unspecified) limited time for free, and the service will be included for all existing Spotify Premium users with a compatible Samsung Internet-connected Smart TV.

The app will be available initially on the Samsung Smart TV 2012 E Series but existing Samsung Smart TV owners will be able to download the app onto the TVs. The app has been specifically designed to work on the TV. Spotify playlists will automatically sync across all devices.