Moo Adds Programmable NFC Chips To Their Business Cards

As the proud owner of a set of tiny Moo business cards with a big sexy QR code on them, I’m impressed to see that Moo itself has done me one better. They’re now adding nearly invisible programmable NFC chips to their business cards, thereby allowing high-tech business folk to run around town tapping other peoples’ phones to pass contact information.

One NFC card is going into every package of Moo cards you buy and Moo is planning to release an app that will let you read and program the card on the fly.

The NFC card will let you tap any NFC-capable phone to send folks to a special website or ping them with a bit of data. Moo will be printing 150,000 of them and they explain the technology here.

A MOO Business Card with NFC is similar. When it’s touched to a smart phone, the phone is told what to do. And as the card only stores a tiny amount of information, the instruction usually involves pulling information from the web.And that’s when the fun starts. It’s possible to rewrite NFC cards over and over, so they never go out of date, or write it so that you control the card even after you’ve handed it out — the possibilities are truly endless.

iPhone 5 users note: no, you don’t have NFC. Sucks to be you.

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