Fly Or Die: The Striiv Fitness Device

What are your goals? To walk the length of the Golden Gate bridge? To run a 5K? To plant a tree in a magical forest? The Striiv lets you do all of those things and more. This wee device is a fairly basic pedometer that measures your steps as well as flights of stairs taken during the day. However, there’s a bonus – it has a nice, bright LCD touchscreen to display your current steps as well as other information like “badges” you’ve won for walking certain distances. The cherry on top? There’s a goofy little game that you can play, selling your “steps” for magical trees in a some kind of weird Farm-ville Hobbit world.

Erick and I took a closer look at the Striiv in this episode of Fly or Die and, while I’m sort of a convert, Erick is unimpressed. To be honest, the Striiv is a bit tough to love. It’s not wireless, like the Fitbit, and it requires you to sync and charge it with a USB cable. However, because most of the goodness happens right on the device, it’s a bit more useful than I originally expected. Pedometers are all the rage this year, and the Striiv is probably one of the better ones.

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