Gameloft Gives Away 3 Android HD+ Titles This Weekend

Happy weekend, everyone! Yes, I know there’s still an entire unending work day ahead of us, but Gameloft is looking to start the transition into weekend mode sooner rather than later. Thus, we have Gameloft’s crazy “Three4Free” giveaway, where the publisher will give away one Andriod HD+ title for free during a two-hour window each day of this weekend.

There’s no telling which games Gameloft will choose for the giveaway, but either way, a free Android HD+ title can’t hurt, right? If you agree, you’ll have to follow Gameloft’s UK Twitter account to keep up with the action. According to the official tweet, the first Android HD+ title will be announced late this afternoon.

I haven’t been able to confirm just yet whether or not this promotion is available to us here in the States, or if it’s a deal reserved for our friends across the pond. I’m working on getting that update but until then, remember that if you live on this side (West) of the Atlantic, late afternoon in the UK translates to around noonish over here, depending on what Gameloft means by the word “late.” In any case, we’ll have our eyes peeled for the start of our first two-hour window and you should too. And again, happy weekend!

[via EuroDroid]