Whiteboard In Microsoft Video Hints At WP7's Future?

There’s not a lot of real data to pull out of this unless you’re privy to a lot of internal Microsoft stuff, but it’s fun anyway. A video from Microsoft’s Cambridge campus has a whiteboard in the background that seems to have some Windows Phone 7 improvements scribbled on it. Nice eye on the viewer who spotted this!

That’s Dr Victor Bahl, director of the mobile bit of Microsoft Research. The text on the board reads:

TIPC/S – Mango
Localization – Apollo
Inspiration Engine – Apollo
One handed input and next gen soft keyboard – Apollo
Voice Typing
Context Engine – Beyond Apollo

Interesting! Voice typing and a new keyboard? Context and inspiration engines? Sounds like Microsoft has a few surprises in store for Apollo, which is apparently the next major release of WP7. That or Microsoft Research has a team or project called Apollo, and these are the goals or sub-projects.

[via WMPowerUser; image from commenter rsgx]