Joystick-It: Because Your iPhone Needs A Gigantic Oldschool Joystick, Right?

You know, just last week I was sitting there playin’ some Pac-Man on my iPhone when I thought to myself, “Man! This is fun and all, but it would be so much better if I had a big ol’ wonky metal nipple-joystick thing sticking out of my screen.”

Just kidding, that didn’t happen. I don’t even have Pac-Man on my iPhone. I just needed an intro. I’m sorry I lied*, okay?

For those that do have Pac-Man — or any of the many games out there for iOS with a circular, touch-based D-Pad contraption — ThinkGeek has just announced the Joystick-It, an $18 (or $24.99 for the bigger, iPad version) stick-on joystick modeled after an oldschool 8-way ball arcade stick. It’s made of milled-aluminum, sticks and unsticks without leaving any adhesive, and is preeeeetty much the geekiest thing you can buy for your phone.

* I’m not sorry.