Fujitsu's Biometric System Takes 2 Seconds To ID One User From A Million

Fujitsu is strong in personal authentication technology, we know that. And yesterday, the company unveiled a new product in this field, the first biometric system that integrates palm vein and fingerprint authentication. Big F says this combination enables faster recognition: the new system supposedly searches through registered data for one million users and identifies a specific person within 2 seconds.

All that users need to do is to place their hands over a sensor to identify themselves. This could eliminate the need for smart cards or personal ID numbers. And forged ID cards wouldn’t be a security threat anymore.

Fujitsu says they use fingerprints from three fingers and vein patterns in order to boost the accuracy of their system. According to the company, their system is modular, meaning the vein pattern identification tech could be added to fingerprint-based authentication systems already in use.

The plan for this fiscal year is to make the system even faster: Fujitsu wants it to be able to ID a specific user from a pool of 10 million registered persons in 2 seconds.