Samsung Starts Production In New OLED Display Factory

Despite Samsung’s ongoing patent tiff with Apple, the South Korea-based manufacturer had good reason to celebrate this Memorial Day weekend, as its long-awaited 5.5-Gen OLED display factory is starting production. Many thought that factory production would be delayed after the devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan in March, but Samsung managed to get its new factory up and running two months ahead of schedule.

The new factory will manufacture much larger glass substrate sheets with an initial capacity of 24,000 per month. The factory will build up output throughout 2012, which should make AMOLED screens more cost-competitive. Samsung’s new factory can also employ the laser-based LITI production method, which will make high-res AMOLED displays (300ppi) more wallet-friendly per panel.

This is certainly good news to Samsung, whose Galaxy S II smartphone is basically flying off shelves. Hopefully the new factory will be able to keep up with the serious demand for the ultra-popular second-gen Galaxy smartphone, especially since the Galaxy S III is likely already in the works.

[via Phone Arena]