PSA: Get Everything Off Your Old T-Mobile Sidekick By June 30th, Or It's Gone

As we found out a few months back, all of the old T-Mobile/Danger Sidekicks out there are headed for greener pastures early next week. Come May 31st, the ol’ Danger data servers will given a belly rub, one last defrag, then will be unceremoniously taken out back and shot.

Here’s something we didn’t know, though: if you’ve still got any important photos, contacts, calendars, or notes on that Sidekick floating around in your sock drawer, you’ll want to get them off your device by May 31st. After that point, any Sidekicks that completely lose power (say, if the battery drains to 0%) will lose access to that personal data. You’ll still be able to pull it down from the myT-Mobile backend until June 30th, at which point all that stuff is gone forever. The number for that cute chick you’ve been promising yourself you’d call for like 3 years now? Poof!

Always remember, folks: clouds don’t last forever.

(Note: Don’t worry about any of this if you’ve got the new Sidekick 4G. Name aside, those have very little to do with the old Danger-built models, and aren’t affected by this stuff. Bet T-Mobile’s customer service team is just loving explaining that.)