Pixable: 10 Percent Of Facebook Photos Are Profile Pics

Pixable, a startup that develops sleek social photo creation and categorization tools for Facebook and other photo sharing sites, has released an infographic today that includes a number of impressive stats regarding profile pictures on the social network.

Pixable’s service, which has 800,000 users, allows people to use of all their Facebook and image sharing site photo content like captions, tagging information, comments, and birthdays to make albums, slideshows, calendars and nor artwork. Pixable’s browser-based simplifies the creation of albums, making it easy to use for anyone. One of Pixable’s early applications was a nifty tool that allows you to make mosaics of your Facebook photos.

According to Pixable, 10 percent of all Facebook photos (which are expected to hit 100 billion photos downloaded this summer) are profile pictures. Women upload profile pics more often than men, with women uploading photos every two weeks compared to three weeks for men. And the number of profile photos uploaded per user has tripled since 2006. On average, the typical profile photo has 2 likes and 2 comments.

While we know that Facebook is dominating the photo sharing space, it’s interesting to see a deep data dive on profile pics, in particular.