CrunchDeals: A $90 3G Kindle

Wow. Woot has a ringer today in a refurbished 3G Kindle. $90 will net buyers the previous generation Kindle, but at least the more pricey 3G wireless model. Even though this is a 2nd gen unit, and Amazon is currently about nine months into the 3rd generation’s life, you’re really not losing all that much. This is a deal, friends.

The current model features a more, if you will, contrasty e-ink screen that has darker text on a lighter background. This screen is also easier on battery drain so that’s improved as well. These improvements shouldn’t take away from the 2nd gen Kindle, which still pwns any other ereader out there besides its successor. if you’re looking for an inexpensive way to explore the glorious world of ereading, whip out that credit card and order this Woot. It doesn’t get any better than this. (and it’s not going to last long)