LG's Smartphone Boss Jumps Ship To Head Apple's Korean Operations

For all Apple’s success across the globe, South Korea is one corner of the world that the tech giant hasn’t quite locked down. Two of Apple’s biggest mobile competitors, LG and Samsung, are both based in the peninsular nation, and each has brought to market an iPhone lookalike (if not competitor) in the form of the LG Optimus Black and the Samsung Galaxy S II.

In what looks like an effort to strengthen the company’s foothold in the increasingly tech-hungry country, Apple has hired former Vice President of LG’s Smartphone Business, Dominique Oh, as its new general manager in Korea. Oh was appointed to the position on Wednesday, according to an anonymous source, although the new Apple GM has yet to add his new title to his LinkedIn profile.

Oh used to take responsibility for LG’s Android and Windows Phone 7 product lineups, along with the establishment of relationships with global operators and future partners. Dominique Oh will replace Andrew Sedgwick, who was head of Apple’s Korean operations for more than a decade.

[via TNW]