D9500: Samsung Rolls Out 75-Inch LED 3D TV

Samsung officially announced [KOR] the D9500 today, a 75-inch LCD 3D TV with LED backlight, the biggest of its kind. That is pretty cool, but the downside is that users will need to wear active shutter 3D glasses to view pictures in 3D.

The panel itself, however, seems to be pretty nice, boasting 1080p, a 240-Hz refresh rate and edge lighting.

The so-called Smart TV also features web connectivity via built-in Wi-Fi: users can browse the web, play online games, skype, and write emails with Samsung’s QWERTY touchscreen flip remote (that comes with the TV).

Size and quality have a price though: in Korea, Samsung is planning to sell the D9500 for a whopping $17,600.

Via Akihabara News