WickedLasers Proves It Has A Short Memory With The Double-Handed Sith Laser

Remember when Lucasfilm sued WickedLasers for using Star Wars imagery in their marketing language? Remember how they got a C&D? Well WickedLasers is doing it again with this wild, double-headed “Sith Lord” blue laser and I’m not sure George will be as understanding this time.

The laser costs $599 and sticks two units together for extra laser fun. You can pull them apart to play with them individually or swing them around like a goofball and burn everyone’s retinas. Either way it’s a win-win. The unit maxes out at 2000mW and, as Wickedlasers notes, “2W of laser power aimed in polar opposite directions” is extremely dangerous.

High powered handheld laser features a second beam of intense power.
Use individually to fire a laser that reaches beyond the stars or connect them for a bipolar beam.
Use separately or secure each 1W Spyder 3 together via the Spyder interconnector to operate as a double bladed laser.
Dual Smartswitch safety technology prevents unauthorized access.

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