Is This The iPhone 4S?

The iPhone rumor mill has been all off-kilter for the past few weeks, primarily stemming from the idea that there may very well be no new iPhone at WWDC this year.

And yet, the rumor-mill continues to churn. According to whispers over the past few weeks, Apple’s busy toiling over a handset that looks very much like an iPhone 4, but with a few lil’ tweaks to its guts — namely, it’s purportedly packing Apple’s A5 CPU, and a slightly bigger screen.

If we were to follow that rumor even further, a handful of big-named developers supposedly have prototypes of these slightly-revised iPhone 4s floating around their offices (which, believe it or not, happens from time to time. From what I’ve been told, Apple rolls in, clamps the thing to a desk, makes them sign a mountain of papers, and rolls out). Some have taken to calling this spiritual successor the “iPhone 4S”, though there’s no reason to believe that’s Apple’s official name for it just yet.

MICGadget obtained the shot above — which, if real, certainly seems to be showing an iPhone with a reduced bezel and a bigger display.

Of course, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen supposed pictures of such a handset — but this time, they’re not quite as easy to debunk.

What do you think: is this the real deal?