Sadly, The iPhone 5 Pictures Floating Around Are Fake

Throughout the course of this morning, we’ve seen these images — purportedly showing off the iPhone 5 (tiny bezel and redesigned antenna and all) — hit a number of blogs. It showed up in our tips box a few times, as well.

Something about the shots just didn’t ring right, so I got to sleuthin’. First step: find the original source. After a few minutes of navigating the Googletubes, I ended up here — a Vietnamese forum that appears to be the first appearance of the shots. Alas, there was no new information. Hmph.

Next approach: translate the watermark. The fact that the Chinese characters were on an image made things a bit tough (can’t just throw an image like this into Google Translate, you know?), but eventually this character drawing/translation tool saved the day. Literally, the watermark translates to “Four Month Fish”. Less literally, it translates to “April Fish” — which, as it just so happens, is the english translation of the French name for April Fool’s day, “poisson d’avril”.

Mystery solved.