RIM's Next Full Touchscreen BlackBerry Caught On Camera, Might Not Carry The "Storm" Name

As hard as they tried, RIM just couldn’t find a fanbase with the BlackBerry Storm. Between a mild critical reception, a handful of hardware issues in the first batches, and the super wonky SurePress touchscreen that people came to know it for, the “Storm” name has been… tainted, in a way.

Seems like RIM agrees. A handful of mega clear shots of the next full touchscreen BlackBerry device, currently codenamed “Monza” (or “Monaco”, if we’re talking about the Verizon version) just leaked out, and word on the street is that it might not carry the Storm name.

According to BGR, the name currently being tossed around RIM for this one is the “BlackBerry Touch” (As opposed to the BlackBerry Curve Touch, or BlackBerry Bold Touch.) As long as the rumor mill’s churnin’ out the right details, we should see this thing announced in May (at BlackBerry World, presumably).