The Second Generation Yosion Peel Brings More 3G Fun To The iPod Touch

Yosion is back with the Apple Peel 520. Just like the first device, the Apple moniker is a bit of a lie. You see this device is not made nor endorsed by Jobs & Co. If anything, it’s lawyer bait as it transforms the iPod touch into a fully-functional iPhone. The second generation goes a bit farther than just bringing 3G calling to the device. Yeah, you’re going to like this.
The $80 docking case takes an iPod touch and adds a bunch of fun features. There’s 3G calling and web browsing, an FM radio, 2-device WiFi hotspot, and a vibrating ringer — all on an iPod touch. No word if this device will hit the US shores but it’s certainly possible as Sprint sells the first generation. But moreover these devices clearly show that Chinese manufacturers are capable of doing more than just operating photocopiers.