Want: FirstLook Spy Robot (Video)

iRobot recently introduced the 110 FirstLook robot designed for spying, scouting, and surveillance. FirstLook has four cameras, one on each side, giving the operator a 360-degree view around the robot (night vision mode included). The best part is that it’s super rugged and can survive 15 foot drops onto concrete.

Not only can FirstLook be thrown around and submerged in water, but it can also climb stairs and flip itself over if it ends up on its bad side. Top speed is is decent at 3.5 mph, but more impressive is its 6-hour battery life. It’s pretty similar to that little Ember robot we saw a while back, but bigger and more rugged. I just wish I didn’t have to enlist to try one of these out. Check it out in action in the video below.

[via CNET]