Gorgeous Wooden iPad 2 Cover Is Like A Smart Cover, But Far More Tasteful

When you get an expensive, beautiful device like an iPad 2, you want to spoil it. A cheapo case feels wrong on it, and personally, I think Apple’s Smart Cover (while cool) is a little… synthetic and gadget-y. You know what I mean? I like the more organic stuff. Fortunately, the Dutch have come to the rescue!

This beautiful wood cover works just like a Smart Cover — it turns your iPad on and off, rolls up to be a stand, and even has microfiber on the underside so it dusts your screen whenever you use it. I just love how the wood articulates. And it fits flush with the screen and everything. I love this!

It’s not available yet, but will cost 50 (~$70) when it ships later this month. Keep an eye on Miniot’s site for availability.

[thanks for the tip, Aaron]