The Meglio iPad Stand Is Great For The Can

Another day, another iPad handle from Kickstarter. However, I think this one, the Meglio, is special for one reason and one reason only – it’s creator Salman Paracha has allowed us to finally admit where we all use our iPads the most: in the bathroom.

This image says it all: you’re firmly and comfortably seated but you need your hands free for various motions and ablutions. But you want to keep looking at your iPad . What to do? It’s simple, really: just attach your iPad to your shower and wipe away, secure in the knowledge that you can still read your ebook or watch your movie while preventing the spread of coliform bacteria.

The project isn’t yet funded, but get over there and help Salman out. I, for one, look forward to the day when I’ll be able to multi-task while I’m seated on the ceramic throne.

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