Staples To Sell Motorola Xoom And BlackBerry PlayBook This April

The tablet wars are coming to Staples in April. According to a leaked internal memo, employees will be trained on the Xoom and PlayBook at the end of this month with both tablets then launching the following month. That timetable is inline with the PlayBook’s rumored launch, but RIM has not officially announced its launch details including release date or price. This move does somewhat hint about the PlayBook’s future though.

It only makes sense that at least the PlayBook sold by Staples will not have 3G connectivity and just WiFi. The retailer does not sell any wireless carrier-specific products and that will likely not change with the PlayBook. Staples is about grab and go-type items.

This is a logical move for both Staples and Motorola/RIM as getting their products into as many distribution channels is a great way to reach more potential customers. The iPad is only sold in select retailers (read: not Staples) where the Xoom and all the rest of the Android tablets will likely be available in as many as possible. Smart.