New Sony TV Would Send Different Pictures To Different Parts Of The Room

The technology Sony is now demoing is something we’ve heard about before, and which really might be considered one of the holy grails of display tech. The basic idea is that depending on where you are in the room, you see a different image. At the moment, they can only do two images, and people sitting on opposite sides of the couch could, in the demo, both play Killzone 3 on the full screen without seeing what the other person sees.

Very cool, but imagine if you could have two channels on at once, one facing the kitchen and one facing the couch? Or three or four, with wireless headphones sending just that image’s audio to each person?

Of course, taking it too far obliterates the “cooperative” nature of watching TV shows, but I think it could still be really cool. Of course, prepping people for your demo by saying “this will hurt your eyes” probably isn’t the best way to sell it. I’m guessing it’s still got a ways to go, but this could be a feature that actually sets Sony TVs apart if they pull if off.