Antec's New Rockus 2.1 Desktop Speaker Set Promises 3D Sound

Antec is mostly known for their PC cases and components, but a lot of those manufacturers have been getting into other games over the last few years, and some, like Corsair, have actually come up with some really well-reviewed audio gear. Antec’s soundscience rockus system (yes, they have it in all lower-case, because they’re emo) was just announced, and hopes to put itself onto desktops around the world by promising in-speaker 3D virtualization of stereo sound.

Bunk? Maybe. But we’ll find out when we review ’em.

Each of the satellites is 25W, plus 100W in the subwoofer, which they claim provides a lot of oomph for its size. The 3D effect can be switched on and off via the little control pod, which also lets you switch between the optical and analog inputs. I don’t see a headphone port on there, though, which isn’t a good sign. Gamers love headphones, and they don’t love climbing around behind their desk to plug them in.

The new speakers are available now for $200. Hopefully we’ll get our hands on a pair soon and let you know if they’re worth it over, say, the capable, (and penguinish) Logitech Z623s, which cost $150.