Motorola Cancels Android 2.1 Updates For The CLIQ XT, Will Stay At Android 1.5

Hey, T-Mobile CLIQ XT owners — you might want to take a seat.

You know that Android 2.1 update you were promised a few months back? The one that got delayed a few times? Yeah, about that.

It’s not going to happen.

Motorola’s community manager just announced it over in their forums: after they “worked for months to attempt to create a version of Android 2.1 that would perform well on the CLIQ XT,” they came to the conclusion that it’s just not doable. The tore the code apart (even turning to the community for help in the task) — and, unfortunately, just couldn’t get it to a point that they considered the update a “better customer experience.”

CLIQ XT owners are, as you might imagine, pretty annoyed by the news — of the dozen-or-so complaints that have popped up in the forum since they broke the news an hour ago, nearly all of them are the standard “Rar! I’ll never buy Motorola again! Rar!”