Wild, Borderline Silly Rumor: 3D Display For The iPhone 5


This latest iPhone 5 rumor seems to have come completely out of left field, but that’s partially what makes it exciting. How does a 3D screen grab you? Do you respond with “Oh, wow, awesome!” or is it more along the lines of “Er, what?” No answer is wrong.

The story goes that the next iPhone will use a 3D screen that’s not too dissimilar from what you’ll find on the Nintendo 3DS. The idea, so goes the rumor, is that Apple will have considered adding such a screen in order to better compete with Nintendo’s upcoming portable video game console.

And here I thought the 3DS was created to better compete with mobile phone-based gaming: Angry Birds and the like.

But yes: this is just about the most ludicrous iPhone 5 rumor I’ve come across. Best enjoy it for what it for what it is.