TechCrunchTV's Funniest Videos From 2010 (TCTV)

During the holiday season, there’s a newsroom tradition to look back at the year’s funny and memorable videos. At TechCrunchTV, we don’t want to disappoint. TechCrunchTV launched this June and since then, we’ve produced around 1,000 videos. We’ve asked tough questions to CEO’s, entrepreneurs, VC’s, and angels. We brought you exclusive interviews with new start-ups and top tech companies. We provided live coverage of Disrupt. And, as you can see in this video, we’ve had our share of funnier moments.

Highlights include a backstage moment with our new AOL boss; Jason Kincaid and MG Siegler turn into their favorite smartphones; John Biggs vs Four Loko; Michael Arrington as a robot; and two famous words from Yahoo’s CEO Carol Bartz.

There’s also a year end tradition to give credit and thanks to the people behind the camera. Our TCTV staff, who producer, direct, shoot, edit, and process much of our content includes John Murillo and Ashley Pagan.

We also want to thank our video partners, including Ustream for our live event streaming, Ooyala for hosting our video on demand content, and Newtek for our Tricaster video switcher.

We’ve got some more surprises ahead in 2011, so keep on watching.