SoundCloud launches Android version of its mobile app

Berlin-based startup SoundCloud, which is slowly moving from a music focused site to one where anyone can record and share audio, launched its iPhone app recently. It’s now dropped the Android version and it’s available in the Android Market now, for free. There are few significant differences with the iPhone app which we reviewed here.

The app lets you record audio that goes into your SoundCloud account where it can be listened to, shared and embedded. Soundcloud’s platform is giving rise to a host of apps based on its api, from studio apps to social apps.

Earlier this month Apple named the iPhone version one of its top cloud apps of 2010. It’s been downloaded over 125,000 times, of which 60,000 have been since the Record feature was added.

SoundCloud has a freemium business model where users get 120 minutes of continuous audio time for free, after which they have to pay.