WITN: Yeah, We're Getting Some Annoying Feedback From The Mike…

You can always rely on Mike Arrington to liven up a dull editon of Why Is This News. There we were, gamely ploughing through the taping of this week’s episode, only slightly hindered by the fact that Paul had chosen the world’s least interesting subject – Rupert Murdoch’s forthcoming digital newspaper – to talk about, when all hell suddenly broke loose.

Mike, with his trademark disregard for the sanctity of the studio, had decided to walk in and take over the role of makeup artist and cameraman. Not since our ill-fated interview with Vineet Devaiah has TCTV seen such chaos. Surely TechCrunch’s gain is the Vaudeville’s  loss.

So, anyway, yes, a slightly odd Christmas edition of WITN. As ever, do feel free to demand an apology from Mike, Paul, Sarah or all of the above in the comments. After all, we serve at your pleasure, loyal viewers.

Merry Christmas!