Panasonic's Jungle Game System Begins US Testing

At the beginning of October, we pulled the curtain back on a certain Jungle device from Panasonic, but there’s been little chatter since its dramatic debut. But in an email recently sent to some users, Panasonic appears to be fishing for testers for the device. Could we be approaching a public hands-on?

The email describes the system as being “committed to the cloud and web-based content, the free-to-play movement, social and community-based gaming, and new forms digital entertainment.” They disdain “traditional” handheld gaming as being covered by those other guys, and congratulate the reader of the email for thinking outside the box with them.

You then can apply to the user-testing program, but beyond that, there are no dates or specifics regarding games, pricing, or hardware. Keeping things on the hush hush, I see.