EA Sports To Be ‘Official Video Game Partner’ Of Vancouver Whitecaps MLS Team

Unfortunately, I’ve exhausted all of my Clásico references in that Windows Phone 7 post. How much sense would it make to use all of the references all over again? I mean, this time I could link to El País’s match report (“goals rain down in the Camp Nou like leaves in the autumn, in a natural manner, with a just rhythm, with a beautiful and serene shape, a sign of health and footbalistic prosperity”), but that would be gloating. So, seeing as though I can no longer reference the game, I’ll just come out with it: EA Sports will be backing the MLS’s newest team, the Vancouver Whitecaps, in a big, big way.

EA Sports will be the the team’s “official video game partner” as well as become a “founding partner” of the team.

What does that mean? Well apparently EA Sports won’t be the team’s main shirt sponsor, but advertising will be all over the team’s Web site. How big a deal that is, advertisements on the team’s Web site, I don’t know.

This is the part where I mention that the team’s southern neighbors, the Seattle Sounders (seen here), have Xbox 360 as their main sponsor, and that the EA Sports logo is all over the Premier League this year. It’s actually a little overbearing sometimes, but whatever.