Seven Gifts For The Blue Collar, Outdoorsy Dad Or Husband

Guys are easy to shop for. We’re pretty much content with anything — even socks. But don’t buy an outdoorsy guy a tie for Christmas. Sure, they might need one church and/or court appearances, but the seven gifts after the break are guaranteed to be on the top of their Santa wish list. There’s something at nearly every price point so, please, don’t drop the ball and give your guy some camo slippers. No one wants those.

Garage TV

Does your Dad hide out in the garage? Yeah, then he needs a TV out there. It’s about the best thing ever really. It doesn’t have to be big and it doesn’t have to be fancy. Even a tube TV will work, but as long as it gets the network stations for football and racing, it’s probably good enough — although most Dads wouldn’t mind being hooked up to cable either.

Flash-Based Video Camera

Listen, guys like to tape their adventures just as much as everyone else. Hunting, fishing, going to the race — all activities that should be recorded. But the outdoor type will probably be a bit more tough on his camera than the average soccer Mom so look for a camera that’s at least weatherproof and records onto removable — and durable — flash media. The Kodak Playsport Zx3 or Oregon Scientific ATC 9K are both good bets.

Trail Camera

Hunters know that you simply cannot have too many trail cameras. These rugged night vision-equipped cameras are meant to be strapped to a tree with the goal of catching the pattern of the hunter’s prey. They can be pricey and the more expensive ones are often worth it over their cheaper counterparts, so do your Dad a favor and skip this gift if you can’t get a good one. Check out Cabelas for a good selection of quality models.

Under Armor (or any other long underwear)

Long underwear wear out quickly but because they are often hidden by other layer of clothes, guys tend to hold on to them longer than they should. Be warned, though. Long underwear isn’t a crowd-pleasing gift come Christmas morning, but is something that’s great appreciated when warn.

Sony AM/FM Radio

Some dads just want to listen to the radio and this Sony AM/FM/Weather Band radio performs admirably. There’s nothing fancy about it besides a digital tuner. At $28.49, there should still be room in your budget to get him a pair of comfy earbuds, too.

Portable XM/Sirus Radio

Sure, Dad might say that all he wants is an AM/FM radio, but if he’s big into, say, country music or classic rock, you may want to get him an XM radio setup. The portable Belkin boombox is a safe bet. It’s battery or AC-powered and a little cover protects the tuner. Plus, it sounds great.

Zippo Hand Warmer

It’s reusable, durable, gets mighty hot, and has all the charm of a Zippo lighter. The perfect inexpensive gift for any Dad into winter outdoor activities. $30 @ Amazon.