Impending Wikileaks Release Could Be 'Embarrassing' To Foreign Governments

It looks like we can expect some more leaks from Wikileaks in the next few days. The site, which has had quite the year, is expected to release information that could “embarrass” certain foreign governments by exposing their less-than-noble actions. Turkey aiding al Qeada in Iraq? The US supporting the PKK in its efforts against Turkey? It’s a diplomatic nightmare!

And to think: all of this caused by a Web site that, until this year, hardly anyone ever knew, let alone talked/threatened at Pentagon press conferences.

Wikileaks’ Twitter has seen much activity in the past few hours, noting that this and that country had been briefed by the US over the expected leak.

I think I’m right in saying that this would be the first big Wikileaks release that deals with diplomatic matters. The previous big leaks were more on the military side of things.

And now we play the waiting game.