AAXA Puts Out A New Laser-Based Pico Projector

‘Tis the season for pico projectors with laser-based light sources. Microvision updated its ShowWX line just the other day, and now here’s AAXA’s, traditionally a lower-cost option. And depending on your needs, it might actually be a better fit.

The AAXA L1 has 20 lumens to the ShowWX+’s 15, and an 800×600 resolution versus 848×480. Microvision claims a higher contrast ratio… but the AAXA costs $50 less. So there’s a lot to decide between. I’d say if you’re planning to do games or media, go with the ShowWX, since it’s naturally widescreen, but if you’re doing pictures or presentations, the L1 is better.

And for the record, I’ve got the ShowWX+ right here next to me, and it’s tiny, so there’s that as well. Fun times for the pico projector fan.

[via MacNN]