The 2011 Chevy Volt Finally Gets Its EPA Fuel Economy Numbers: 93 MPGe / 37 MPG

Here it is, treehuggers and haters. The EPA’s rating of the Chevy Volt: 93 when on electric, 37 combined city/hwy on gasoline, which works out to a 60 MPG composite . Those combine to give the Volt an average range of 379 miles, although, just like with the Leaf, the total range for EV-only topped off slightly less than what the manufacturer advertises. Those keeping score will also note that the Leaf was rated at 99MPGe earlier this week with a total yearly cost of ownership at $561.  So yeah, let the arguing continue.

These numbers will no doubt reignite the vehicle’s pros and cons argument from offices to TV’s talking heads. They certainly aren’t the 230 mpg GM prematurity bragged about last year, but they’re still, in my opinion, totally respectable for a first of its kind vehicle. Clearly it’s not the Earth’s savior, but the constant development from GM, the Voltec powertrain will mature and improve with each generation.

Good or bad, these EPA numbers where the final stopping block preventing the Volt from entering production. Now that they’re out, the 2011 models can finally start rolling out of GM’s Michigan-based Hamtramck Assembly.