Beijing Mystery Man Pays Thousands To Play RPG On 800-Foot Screen For 10 Minutes

This is a crazy story right here. In Beijing there is an enormous display called the “Sky Screen” over the downtown shopping district that hangs over shoppers, presumably showing them ads and so on. And earlier this week, a guy walked over, leaned back on a couch that was waiting there, and played ten minutes of a popular MMORPG on the 800-foot-long screen. What does it mean?!

The player was known only as “Fire,” and afterwards, he just got up and left. It’s not clear whether this was just a dedicated and very rich player or viral marketing for the game. I’d go with the latter, though the estimated price tag of around $5000 isn’t that much when you get down to it.

Either way, that’d be fun as hell. What would you play with that screen?

[via Tom’s Hardware]