Sony Japan's Super-Cute Walkman S Disney Christmas Edition Box

Christmas time, limited edition time. In Japan, Sony today announced [JP] the so-called “Walkman S Series Disney Character Christmas Box”, which contains the Walkman NW-S750 big S released earlier this year. Not too surprisingly, buyers get the player with a Christmas design (showing Mickey and Minnie Mouse) and a limited edition wallpaper.

Sony also throws in a silicon case (also a limited edition) and a Minnie Mouse strap. There’s also a second version of the box (NW-S750K), which comes with a speaker/cradle but is otherwise identical to the NW-S750 version.

The Christmas Walkman S box will go on sale in Japan in early December (prices: $216 for the NW-S750 and $252 for the NW-S750K). It will be Japan only, so contact Tokyo-based online sales service Rinkya in case you want a box but live outside this country.