Ponoko Refreshes Its Fabrication Service With Personal Factory 4

If you’re feeling the need to have some special objects manufactured for you or a loved one, there are a few choices out there right now. Ponoko is one of the original fabrication services on the net, and it’s revamping its service to be more convenient and affordable.

You now can choose between five materials: durable, rainbow, or superfine plastic, stainless steel, or gold plate. Not sure what’s under the plate, but who cares? Gold! They also offer a few “starter kits” for putting together objects to print, and with compatible 3D model files, you can get an instant price quote for your selected material.

You can even embed “open source electronics,” which is stuff like generic switches, boards, and wiring. Make a lamp!

There’s no minimum order size or amount, and no setup fee, so why not go print yourself out some sweet dice or a DS stylus with a naked lady at the top? What? Fine! Some people just don’t appreciate fine art.

Anyway, more info over at Ponoko.