Shocker: Bungie's Activision Game Will Have A PC Port

Activision: a company! A company with presentations, presentations that contain slides. One recent slide, seen here, suggests that Bungie’s “New Title”—you’ll recall that Bungie inked a deal with Activision some months ago—will come out not only for the usual consoles, but also for the PC. How about that?

The slide also tells us that another Blizzard MMO will be coming out, and I’ve no idea what that could be. World of Warcraft 2?

Cue the jokes…

“Call of Halo: Future Warfare 3: Ultrablack Ops (Semi-Hardened Edition)”

“Call of Halo: Future Warfare 2: The Revengening”

I, however, will wait till Bungie actually shows its hand before hopping on a bandwagon of some sort.

But, hey, PC version. That’s awful nice of them.