Motus, A Real-Life-3D Camera Hybrid System

That headline makes it sound a little sexier than it is, but this system is pretty cool. It’s actually an application of the Sixense technology we saw at the last CES, which uses magnetic detection instead of visual. Some researchers at Abertay University have made it into a kind of handheld virtual camera, not unlike something similar used by James Cameron for Avatar.

The video explains much of what you need to know, and of course it’s got its work cut out for it when you consider the Move and Kinect, but it’s a cool system nevertheless. When I used the version in development at Razer, it was really a solid system, though they did need to get the latency down.

Supposedly we’ll be seeing a consumer version of this coming out in 2011. I’m guessing Razer will have a new version with standardized controls (it should work with any PC) showing at CES in January. I’ll be sure to get some video there for you guys.